Online tutorial for CEOs, Sales Managers and HR Managers:

The Perfect Video Conference

How to sell your product, vision and ideas through video conferences, without losing the face to face advantage


סדנאות לארגונים - פשוט לעשות את זה!

Whether you’re a CEO giving a presentation to potential investors, a sales manager striving to raise the sales percentage in the company, or an HR manager focused on recruiting the best talents, and in the current situation you feel like youre deprived of your biggest advantage – face to face meeting, than you should start adapting yourself to the new reality.

If you don’t communicate effectively on online meetings, you will be perceived as unprofessional. I mean virtual conferences, presentations, sales conversations, lectures and more.

Your success today, leans on your ability to communicate, fascinate and aspire in the virtual platforms, such as Zoom, webinars, Team etc.

The ability to fully communicate, through a screen, is an ability one can develop.

This is why I created the training “The perfect video conference”, to help you overcome this new “obstacle” and become an extraordinary virtual presenter.

At the end of this training, you’re going to have all the tools needed in order to present yourself in the online platforms, the same way you do in a face to face meeting.

You can and you should convey all the abilities you use on face to face meetings – the warmth, the charm, etc., to online meeting as well.

Once you start using these online platforms to your own benefit, being the excellent presenters you are about to become, you will also be surprised to discover its pretty enjoyable.

What will you learn in the training?

איריס שור

Iris Shor – A serial entrepreneur and the founder of Oribi:

I met Hai when I had to prepare for my first ever television interview. Hai made me feel comfortable in front of the camera, while demonstrating deep understanding of my business needs. He’s helped me promote and leverage those needs, by using acting techniques”.


Eti Gazit – HR Growth Partner at AppsFlyer:

“I took a public speaking workshop with Hai, and I can say he really does things differently, since he’s coming from acting teaching. It was very different from all of the other workshops I’ve experienced till then. everything was very practical. Even if someone got embarrassed, this person would still go with the flow and move on. I gained high confidence in his workshop”.

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The trainings programs for organizations, are customized to the client’s specific needs.

They are suitable for senior management, departments teams, managers going through leadership development programs, project teams and organizational teams.

Length of training: starting from a one-time half a day training, to a series of meetings, as needed.

Hai Sagee is Israel’s number one expert for public speaking.

He is also the owner of Top Speaker, The leading company
 in Israel for public speaking and lecture building.

Hai Sagee has helped thousands of lecturers, entrepreneurs,
 politicians, organizations and businesses, to position
 their brands as experts in their own fields, and double
 the amount of their customers and incomes.

For more than a decade he used to be a director, teacher
 for acting in front of a camera, instructor for television
 interviews workshops, investigated and practiced
 the secrets of the top speakers.

He is the author of the books “A real moment – 
private acting studio”, and “The secrets of the top speakers”.


אודות חי

חי שגיא הוא יועץ עסקי שמוביל להצלחה אישית ועסקית. הוא בעלים של חברת “הכוח לפעול”. השיטה שפיתח, שיטת “הכוח לפעול”, מיושמת היום בקרב חברות היי טק, פיננסים, תקשורת ועוד. בעל ניסיון של מעל עשר שנים כמאמן שחקנים, במאי, מורה למשחק מול מצלמה, מנחה סדנאות ראיון טלוויזיוני ומחבר הספר “רגע אמיתי”. מוביל אלפי אנשים, פוליטיקאים, אנשי תקשורת, שחקנים, אנשי עסקים ובכירים בצה”ל להוציא מעצמם את הטוב ביותר.

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